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Reminder of event 10 man raid night on 2018-10-22 07:30:00 pm
tier 1 raid night
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[GM]Balidin   :o
[GM] ZarahaanaNew discord Tab on the main page of This site !!!!!!!!!!!
ChloroChon - 61 chon / 9 chloro / 6 sc & 61 chon / 11 chloro...
3 Likes Post By 3 Cileriqao Disclaimer: (you can shove VS in between step 5 & 6 if there is healing needed)This set should provide everything needed for metachon(61 chon / 11 lock ...
LokkenChloroChon - 61 chon / 9 chloro / 6 sc spec for 2nd boss [link]
LokkenFree 14day patron [link]
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[GM]Balidin   Thanks man!
LokkenSth for Magicus ;)

[Addon] DeBuffWatcher
The addon monitors all important buffs and debuffs in a raid. The missing debuffs and raidbuffs are only displayed if you are in a group of at least 6
LokkenPrimalist Support Hybrid [link]
[GM]BalidinGrim Rememberance Event is also on for a week. Some items with stats other than str/dex/wes/int etc on them. They are being buffed in power also. Wardrobe items as well.
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[GM]Balidin   Thanks Platty!!
[GM] Zarahaana   Thanks Platty and Platty :p
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Romilda ThalonisHey guys! LONG time no see. I looked frenetically for a rift vanilla private server a couple of months ago but couldn't find one. Today however, I just found out that Rift Prime was released 2 months ago. Whaaaat?

Has anyone tried it?
Romilda Thalonis   Aright, i'm trying it out either way. :) Good for some nostalgia!
elfykin   But but....I am not there! It will be sadly lacking for you :d And helloooooooo Rom!
Romilda Thalonis   Join us Elfy... Join us.... *whispers and does evil hand gestures like Mr Burns*
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LokkenMage specs for BoS [link]
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