Unity is a famously friendly guild formed in 2008 during early access of Warhammer Online by our two founding members; Raest and Ezrah. Our varied members range from the very casual who only log in when they can, to the hardcore crew who are online every spare moment of each day! We believe in the importance of building good rapport and communication with others and how this team spirit is also the key to success upon any battlefield whatever the game. As such we make heavy use of our very own Discord voice server for all our pre-organised events and of course, for some of our famously friendly banter!
Most importantly we understand that we all play for Equal Entertainment, Enjoyment, and Escape from the rigours of Real Life and to perhaps meet like-minded individuals from all over the World. 
We believe that ALL our members are equal regardless of how often they log on or whatever content they like to participate in. We make no unjust demands upon our members yet do insist that all will treat others with the same respect that they expect to receive themselves whenever they are online. And most importantly, we want everyone to laugh and be merry as we strongly believe that members who laugh together will also win together!
Skly is our guild leader who has been extremely successful in developing Unity from its conception in Warhammer and is responsible for many of the positive changes and growth within the guild. These strong roots have since enabled us to successfully branch out across to various other games. The most recent being Guild Wars 2, where Unity has already been an influential force in WvWvW zones and sPvP, as well as maintaining a very active PvE event schedule.
RIFT also continues to go from strength to strength with Balidorf and Zarahaana heading up the guild's Chapter there and pre-organised RAIDS taking place on a frequent basis (Suicide list is in use for this chapter). 
It is through the concerted efforts of the previous and new Guild Management Team consisting of Skly, Ezrah, Jebro, Camriildor, Raest, Balidorf and Zarahaana  combined with the consistent and loyal support from all our various Guild Officers that we ensure that ALL our Chapter members can be reinforced on the battlefield, partake in PvE and PvP content while also taking part in our now notorious Open PvP warbands. 
Our Aims:
* To make an impact on the battlefield.
* To work together in achieving our goals.
* To provide the organisation needed for PvE and PvP content.
* To be consistently victorious over our opposition.
* To make new friends from different cultures and all walks of life.
* Most importantly of all, to have fun together!
"United We Stand and Divided We Fall..."
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