1. Be mindful of those running the guild and taking their own time to help out. 
While we do have a casual approach to running the guild, we are organised so please always respect your guild officers as they are representatives of guild administration policies and are there to help, especially when the Guild Management Team are unavailable.
2.  Register your characters on the site.
Please remember that it is a prerequisite of all members to sign up & register all current characters to the guild website. This allows ease of communication and enables all members to keep appraised of guild news while partaking in guild discussions.
3.  Be Respectful and mindful of others.
We expect our members to be ALWAYS be respectful to other players. Verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. We understand people can get frustrated at times, yet this can be clearly communicated without being offensive. Remember it's meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!
4.  Become a part of the community.
As we have evolved into a thriving multi-gaming community, members may become inactive in certain games yet the option will remain to join any Unity Chapter that we may have established in other games. So even if you don't have an interest in anything we are currently playing, keep in touch through the website and dedicated Facebook page with regards to future MMO's and all future Guild endeavours.
5. Provide suggestions and feedback where you can.
We are open to suggestions from all members, this is your guild too and we value each member’s opinion. Feel free to contact any of the Officers at any time, that's one of the reasons they're around!
6.  If in doubt, just don't say it!
At Unity we like to foster a friendly atmosphere and enjoy having a laugh, however we require guild members to always remember to be aware of possible differences in cultural norms. And to always ensure that, whatever may sound funny to you, can NEVER be misconstrued by any fellow members as well as opposing players, to be in any way offensive. If in doubt, just don't say it! Remember that Unity members are representing the guild at all times and unlike others, here at Unity we strive to treat others how we'd expect to be treated ourselves, ALWAYS!
NB: Trolling or any inflammatory remarks of any kind will be met with ZERO TOLERANCE, whether it be in-game, on our website forums or Facebook page. Offenders will face an immediate 30 day ban, repeat offenders will face a permanent & immediate removal from the guild, Mumble server & website.
7.  Get involved.
While there are no strict rules to play style, our goal at Unity is to create a mutually beneficial arrangement between each member and the guild as a whole. As such, it is important for members to lend a hand whenever possible and to support each other when needed. Remember that this is also an opportunity to meet new friends from other cultures, so enjoy yourselves together!

NB: If you prefer to only play solo then joining a guild is probably not best suited for your play style!
8.  Make use of mumble.
Use of Mumble is not a mandatory requirement at all times. However as it is a useful tool for effective communication it is required for Raiding and PvP events. Even if you do not wish to speak, just listen in while we have a laugh and generally get ourselves organised for a variety of activities. 
NB: We like to let everyone be themselves, however if for whatever reason a member is being aggressive, abusive or generally disruptive on Mumble they WILL be muted by an admin and the infraction will be brought up again at a suitable time. Depending on the circumstances this could result in a ban from Mumble or even in severe cases, immediate removal from the guild.
9. Disciplinary issues will be dealt with by the GM team and supporting officers.  
Any potential disciplinary issues that may arise with any member(s) will be evaluated by the Guild Management Team and Officers and dealt with accordingly. We like to give people the benefit of the doubt and no disciplinary action will take place until all parties involved have been contacted. The final decision will only be made after a thorough investigation by all members of Guild Administration.
10.  Our application process is mandatory and recruitment may not always be open.
While we generally have a relaxed recruitment policy we do expect prospective members to be active and willing to get involved, we also refrain from any in-game spam invites. Recruitment will be conducted by Officers only and every new recruit has to complete the mandatory application form on the website (sometimes recruitment may be closed depending on the game in question and guild circumstances).         
If anyone wants to recommend someone that they feel would be a good addition to the guild, simply send them a private message and personally direct them to an Officer. Please also feel free to provide some information about the guild in general. Guild Officers will attempt to contact new members in order to formally welcome them to the guild along with the necessary in-game invite.
11. Where applicable please keep your guild member notes updated with alt character names.
Please keep your guild member notes updated on any new alternative character you may have added to the guild roster as this is one method we will be using to monitor the levels of inactivity of players in relevant games.   
12. Make use of the guild website.
To remain on the guild roster, members are expected to contribute or check in on the website on a regular basis. Any inactivity exceeding three months will lead to removal. This ensures that all guild member information is current and up to date. If for any reason a member will require a long period of absence from guild activities, they should notify a member of the Guild Management Team directly.
13. Hacking, botting or otherwise severely exploiting game mechanics in an intentional manner is strongly against guild policy. 
If any of the above is proven, an immediate suspension from the guild will be put into effect. This means being removed from the game roster, as we do not want to be associated with hackers and bots. The offender will also be reported to the developers of the game in question. In the majority of cases a permanent removal from the guild (all games, mumble and website) is going to be in order. 
Please note these member rules may be altered or amended to, dependent upon guild circumstances.