Reminder of event 10 man raid night on 2018-05-21 07:30:00 pm
tier 1 raid night
Romilda ThalonisHey guys! LONG time no see. I looked frenetically for a rift vanilla private server a couple of months ago but couldn't find one. Today however, I just found out that Rift Prime was released 2 months ago. Whaaaat?

Has anyone tried it?
Lokken   I did. It's not vanilla. It uses current build but it`s limited to lvl 50 and old zones. It`s also only for patron, no cash shop ect.
Romilda Thalonis   Aright, i'm trying it out either way. :) Good for some nostalgia!
elfykin   But but....I am not there! It will be sadly lacking for you :d And helloooooooo Rom!
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LokkenMage specs for BoS [link]
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Lokken   Thank you Unknown User. We love, you are so handsome.
Sway   hahaa, thank you Unknown User :*
[GM]BalidinMake sure to log into all your characters by the end of today or you might lose their names to the Name Reclaim!
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