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Reminder of event Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix Raid - now with added stream on 2018-01-17 07:30:00 pm
Intrepid RotP night. 2200 hit needed and full consumerables!
LokkenAzranel Guide - [link]
Azranel - boss guide [Rift]
Helping you to understand this boss. Karuul-alert for Missil...
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One more addition under the Feature notes, and it's great!


Captured Intel currency can now be earned from more sources:
* Zone events in Scatherran Forest, Gedlo Badlands, Xarth Mire, and Ashenfell
* Defeating bosses in Celestial Adventures
* Completing any level 70 random expert dungeon when expending a dungeon charge
* ANY Looking For Raid boss kill!

Additionally, Captured Intel Caches are now available for purchase once per day in the Rift store, under Equipment > Upgrade Parts!
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LokkenRift 2017 [link]
My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulhol...
Love, passion, trust. Never Let Go. Support me on Patreon! h...
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[GM]Balidin   amazing
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LokkenGameplay of the new mage soul (Mystic Archer) is just retarded. You run around like a headless chicken picking up arrows that spawn in random places and you have aim to hit stuff.
Darresia   Sounds like they want you to be a ball boy for a tennis match with a slingshot for firing them after you find them.
LokkenI saw a thread on forums "RIFTstream What’s Coming in October " and thought - finally some news. Then I read "together they will discuss the upcoming wardrobe sale in RIFT, Extra Life, Twitch Con, and a little bit about Autumn Harvest". Srsly ? Balance, bug fixes, fragment rework, pvp ect. Who needs that shit. Let`s give them more wardrobe.
Darresia   Totally agree with you Lokken. Reads to me as a continuation of the path they set a year+ ago. Unfortunately I do not see that changing.
Expect it is the dimension and wardrobe stuff that brings in a lot more cash for them these days than anything PvP or raid based.
[GM]Balidin   Yeah......
[GM]BalidinSo I raised a bug report about the Crystal on last boss. It is intended apparently. They know it does nothing but are just gonna leave it as it might make it too easy. I mean what the fuck.
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