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[GM Team] Ezrah   created a new thread Skyforge Livestream #2 in the Skyforge forum
RahvinGuild Missions - Saturday night! (7th) 8pm GMT.
Lets try and all get involved!!!!
[GM Team] JebroIm OUT till Monday people! Off to cast the WTS final in Boston at Pax East! Watch [link] 3pm GMT on saturday :) CYA :) For GW2 related business pls see, Rahvin Or Norie :)
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Ogi-WanAnyone's playing Diablo III or Marvel Heroes ?
[GM Team] Jebro   Heroes of the storm I am ? :)
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Skyforge Closed Beta
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[GM Team] Ezrah
About the Game
Skyforge is a highly-stylized MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat inspired by console action games, where players could become mighty Gods.
[GM Team] Ezrah   I just signed up for Closed Beta, anyone else on this?
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[Officer] Zarahaana   uploaded an image to Rift
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[Officer] ZarahaanaUNITY NOW 4/4 IN 10 MAN! GOOD JOB GUYS!
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Ralitza   Woohoo!
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Braedon   Welcome
ErinayaFun times in GW2 indeed! Thanks everyone for the missions!
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