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Me and Daniel (Jebro) had an idea for Gmeetup!

If everyone want to bring 1 random bottle booze and 1 random bottle of drink mix (juice,soda etc) and we all share and have a mixtable in the house for everyone to make their drinks of what we got!

How does that sound?!?!

(Im also a sucker for snacks, crisp etc) AND CHEESECAKE!

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[GM Team] Jebro   If theres no cheesecake youll see some Jebrage.. :)
Jenovea   You makin one then!?
[GM team] Camriildror   AWW that would be cute Jeb :)
Rahvinour side really likes pvp... lol
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RahvinGood guide for what to do at 50.
The One Level 50 Guide - The Ultimate Guide to Archeage Endg...
Introduction: If you're reading this you've probably just hit max level in Archeage! Congratulations! If you're not level 50 then good on you for pre-reading. Archeage endgame is v...
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RahvinUpdate on Archeage. Daily restarts , extra patron time and bonus founders pack.
ArcheAge | Play For Free | The ultimate Free to Play sandbox...
Start playing ArcheAge for free in minutes. Just download, install, and start your adventure in the ultimate fantasy sandbox MMO!
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[GM Team] JebroMost random crest xD
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Shonex   Epic :)
Jenovea   my face should be on ours saying " BOOB POWER" !!
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TugaDudeMy BDay Cake! Who wants a piece?
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TugaDude   Thanks :)
Jenovea   wooo legend! Happy Bday!
TugaDude   Thanks Jeno <3
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LokkenRift Masteries for all callings [link]
RIFT Nightmare Tide - Masteries
Masteries are the new addition to the Soul system coming with the expansion RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide on 8th October 2014. Below you will find a basic run-down of the Mastery System...
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elfykin   Looks interesting!
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