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Unity  -  Get yourself a pint, then get back in the fight!
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melody   joined Unity
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Escalla   joined Unity
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Slarti/SwoopWOT lvl: Need to get life or join KAZNA :)
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Shonex   KAZNA? That means "Punishment" in Serbian language :)
Veislakt   added 30 Ultimate days to Unity
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Shallow   Thanks V!
[Officer] Zarahaana   Awesome V Thank you!
alexwes   joined Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Welcome!
[GM Team] Jebro   Welcome!
Smelldor   added 7 Ultimate days to Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Ty! Smeldor!
[GM Team] Jebro   LEGEND
ltisusikas and Goolash joined Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Welcome x2
madgitz   joined Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Welcome !
Shallow   added 7 Ultimate days to Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Ty shallow :)
Shallow   Its no problem :)
[GM Team] Jebro   thankyou so much Shallow :)
[Officer] Zarahaana   added 7 Ultimate days to Unity
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[GM Team] Jebro   Thanks mate :)
[Officer] Zarahaana   uploaded 3 images to Rift
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TugaDudeCould this be my return to Rift?
This time bloodthirsty-
TugaDude   But still wondering if I give a try to Archeage or get back to Rift lol
[GM Team] JebroGuild Event in the planning/Early stages! Much like the Team Fortress event Linda hosted a while ago, itd be great to try and get a monthly regular Guild wide event up. Ill make a thread but just hold it in mind for now. Cheers! ~ Jebro
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Jenovea   "a while ago", like 2 years ago, hahah!
Here's a vid of it tho!
[GM Team] Jebro   Thought while ago was better than two years ago :)
Mortorin   Well?? Don't keep us in suspense!! :)
Aibheishows all been? sorry I was AWOL these past mounths due to loosing work and mother having strokes but I am back...I play wow stwor rift and GW 1/2
[GM Team] Jebro   welcome back :)
Aibheis   tnx Jebro...what server is the guild on wildstar as there only 1 on pve and 1 on pvp server :)
Aibheis   guild unity on D3 lol is so I want in :) same with WOW if their any UNITY in those 2
Aibheisi have yet to download GW2 on my new machine ^^ but am up and running on starwars and wildstar
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