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heartoftheforce   joined Unity
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Braedon   Welcome :)
[Officer]BalidinWe are clearing members who havent logged into Rift guild for a VERY long time. If you are removed from the guild and didnt want to then please log into rift and whisper me
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JenoveaRIFTERS : The guys who wanted an invite to GuildWars last night, pls write your tags here so we can invite you! =)
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Falquin   joined Unity
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Braedon   Welcome!
[GM Team] JebroIm LIVE in about 50 mins! HERE with Jason Winter from MMORPG and Sitting on a couch gaming and Chronicles of Tyria, should be good they asked me to tag along twice a month :) ENJOY! (2am Uk time) [link]
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Braedon   lol jeb, looking forward to kicking people out of the guild , just heard it on that podcast :)
Kasp3r   created a new thread ESO: Guild Bank in the General Discussion forum
[GM Team] JebroI made a playlist of Video covering the GW2 April 15th MEGA PATCH OF FEATURES AND TROUSERS! (ok Feature patch for short) If your even remotely interested in joining us back in GW2 or even at just trying it for the first time check out my vids! Enjoy :)
GW2 Feature Patch/Build April - Wadrobe, Dye system Social a...
A video sharing some thoughts and general info on the Dye Wa...
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Erinaya   uploaded an image to Guild Wars 2
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Braedon   Welcome :)
JenoveaGood Job in dungeon tonight! Pro
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Erinaya   Much pro! So much awesome!
ganked   created a new thread ESO: Great start in the General Discussion forum
JenoveaWas bored, made a video. CAPISCH!
First of Apil in GW2, Bobbelheads ftw!
Bobbelheads for president!!!! Musicrights...
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[GM Team] JebroOK! so log into GW2.... annnnnnnnnnd this happens xD Happy April fools! :p
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Shonex   lol
Jenovea   YES! Absolutely loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kasp3r   created a new thread ESO: Night of some sorts in the General Discussion forum
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