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[GM Team] JebroThe New GW2 Expansion was announced today! I Got to join a panel of others to discuss before the presentation today! Go to : [link] for more info and a new trailer! The guild will be reborn come this new expansion pack!
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
Experience epic battlefield combat like never before in World vs. World's latest core addition, the new Borderlands map. Navigate treacherous heights with traps that blow your foes...
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Polites   a reason to come back for me :)
[Class Leader: Geishastar]   [link]
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[Officer] ZarahaanaMumble details :
ID : eu1. voice .enjin. com (without spaces)
Port : 64429
Password : unitedstand
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[Officer] ZarahaanaGuild chat in rift :) poor bali
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[Officer] Zarahaana3/4 Bosses down in 10 man ! GOOD JOB GUILD!
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[Class Leader: Geishastar]   added 30 Ultimate days to Unity
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Awesome TY!
[GM Team] Jebro   thanks buddy :)
[GM Team] JebroPlease remember to respect your fellow guildie! By not adhering to our charter your membership shall be revoked :).

thanks all!
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[Officer]Balidin   added 7 Ultimate days to Unity
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[GM Team] Jebro   Nice one bro!
[Officer] Zarahaana   Ty bali! :)
Slarti/SwoopHey guys.Anyone wanna sell GW acc???I have friend that want to get one fast.
[PVE Leader] Elixiah   Heya Slarti, mines up for grabs as I don't game anymore. Drop me an email [link]
[Officer] ZarahaanaOmg!! we killed 1st boss in the 20 man in rift last night! we killed it on the first night we went in there as a guild :) Good job Guild!.
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[Officer] Zarahaana   uploaded an image to Rift
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Welcome! x 2
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[Officer] Zarahaana   Welcome!
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