[GM Team] JebroGW2 just went Play for free! check out the info guys!
Play for Free NOT FREE TO PLAY! Free Royal Guard Outfit! GW2
GW2 goes Play for Free! Veterans awarded with free outfit! T...
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TugaDudeAnyone willing to play this small game when it cames out?
It will be free to play.
Albion Online
Albion Online is the first true cross-platform Sandbox MMO. Available now on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.
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[GM Team] Jebro   thanks dude!
GladiolaI'm dying here! :)
And it was also my reaction to the trailer for the new calling...
Captain Cynical's (Seatin's) First Look at the Primalist Cal...
I went full sarcasm. Spoilers/Disclaimer - I'm interested to...
TugaDude   When will this calling be available?
Gladiola   In 3.4 but I'm not sure when that will arrive, I haven't been paying too much attention, sorry.
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[Officer] Zarahaanaand we are back :) only 7 days sorry but at least we can see stuff :)
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