BrindedExcuse the quality for now, I've only just uploaded this. This game is going to be soo much fun!
Archeage: I Wanna Be Like You!
My first look into the new Closed Archeage Beta. Dancing in ...
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Shonex   We'll be such great pimps :d
JenoveaPls spread the word to our fellowguildies, and have them replying!
And a PS, we REALLY need to know how many will need a bedspace before we can book,prices can be madly dif from. cheers!
Fallen   ill need a bed
PapaStache   joined Unity
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Braedon   Welcome :)
BrindedWhat is everyones BattleNet and Steam account name so I can add some more of you! :d
Braedon   Hey dude we actually have a steam community group:


you will have access to all the guildies that are part of this :)
Brinded   Yeah I'm in it, but I was hoping for mainly BattleNet, just didn't want to ask for just that, XD. I want some people to play HearthStone against, :d
[GM Team] JebroYes... yes... YES MOFO!

Firefly Online Gameplay Trailer #1: If I Were a Captain
Firefly Online (FFO) is an online strategic roleplaying game...
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Braedon   yeah still love the guy, watch him on all comic con panel shows, genuinely funny man
Ophiel   omfg YES YES YES
Shoggibear   I'll just buy this on principle!!
Maventi   joined Unity
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Dravinia   Welcome :)
[GM Team] Jebro   indeed welcome!
Eldona   joined Unity
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Braedon   Welcome
Dravinia   Welcome :)
Zephon   joined Unity
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Braedon   Welcome
Dravinia   Welcome :)

Hey all :)
As you might have noticed already we are having serious problems with raiding at the moment with lack of sign ups or people not turning up for our raids. Its getting to the point that we have to call raids. I'm sad to say this but next weeks reset (23/7/14) will be a week that will depend on if we continue in raiding. We need people to sign up to accurately see who we have and who can still raid with us!
[Officer] Zarahaana   we have been having it for a few months now way b4 summer :(
Gladiola   Well, Dev and I are having the summer raiding issues ATM :p
We should be back on regular raiding in a week or two.
[Officer] Zarahaana   Cool :) we need you back :) we did have a raid of 20 guild members on Sunday so if it keeps up we will be carrying on raiding :)
[GM Team] JebroRandom character creation time in Archage! Anyone else in the beta test atm?
Shonex   Not in Closed beta, will be 100% in Open beta, main char will be Elf so we'll be in different faction if you stick to catpeople :p
Fallen   havelocke is broy pc wont run it over heating gc
Jenovea   gonna have a look if i can get in too :)
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