VrtraNew Patron Rewards: cheaper AH fees and commissions (50% off) AND Immunity to Soul Vitality Loss. . .
Patron rewards get even BETTER!
Being a Patron already helps you level faster, travel quicker, discounts store items, as well as awarding extra loot and Affinity points every single
Vrtra   And some other stuff because *derpy*
Near the bottom of the letter seems interesting, IA MoM yo! (and other stuff)
5 Years of RIFT - New Producer's Letter From Archonix!
Greetings Ascended, As we approach 5 years of RIFT, I look back on the amazing journey we've all taken together. RIFT has grown from the shiny new MMO on the block into a game that...
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[Officer]BalidinSecond Boss in HK down with 19! Well done all!
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Vrtra   Big grats. Gutted I wasn't there, but now I expect 3/11 next Monday I'm not there.
savtilod   grats
Salad   Didn't realise you got another boss down in HK, Well Done all!!
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[Officer]Balidin   added 14 Ultimate days to Unity
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Fru   thanks bali
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Fru   Thankyou Poly and Zara
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[Officer]BalidinFirst Boss down in HK! Well done everyone let us take back our ancestral home!
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Veislakt   Would be easier without those useless dwarves suiciding at the boss! Also the NPCs ;P
Shoggibear   Is the fight similar to old HK, or entirely new?
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