Aibheishows all been? sorry I was AWOL these past mounths due to loosing work and mother having strokes but I am back...I play wow stwor rift and GW 1/2
[GM Team] Jebro   welcome back :)
Aibheis   tnx Jebro...what server is the guild on wildstar as there only 1 on pve and 1 on pvp server :)
Aibheis   guild unity on D3 lol is so I want in :) same with WOW if their any UNITY in those 2
Aibheisi have yet to download GW2 on my new machine ^^ but am up and running on starwars and wildstar
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ShallowAutumn harvest is here!
Farm all the things | X ALL THE THINGS
Select an existing meme character and apply your own captions!
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Fallenhas any one got some links regarding the new buffs on rift 3.0
[Officer] ZarahaanaRIFT 3.0 PATCH NOTES [link]
RIFT 3.0: NIGHTMARE TIDE || 7:00am PDT 10/22/14 [NA] || 2:00...
RIFT 3.0: NIGHTMARE TIDE 10/22/14 RIFT remains completely free-to-play with the Nightmare Tide expansion, offering you all of the new levels, zones,
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RahvinAuroria launch date announced! New 10 man raid , farm wagons , submarines , 30% more housing space and of course Castles!
The Conquest of Auroria Begins this November
Two thousand years ago, the citizens of Auroria fled their homeland after a catastrophic war. Now you stand poised to lead their glorious return. The Conquest of Auroria opens a ma...
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[GM team] CamriildrorNot only on cloaks you can fit our guild logo :)
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[GM Team] Jebro   sexy!!!
SweetDevil   joined Unity
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[GM Team] Jebro   uh oh :)
Fallen   name suits you ha
[GM Team] Jebro   welllllllcome!
VigaGuys and gals,

Im leaving the guild in search for new challenges in GW2. My interest in the game is vaning and, together with Augureth, we have joined Third Legio, a guild that does more organized WvW.

I thank you for the time and help during my stay, i never had any problems with any of you, the only reason for leaving is inactivity.

Wishing you the best, Vigh
Keldar   Good luck in your future endavours..
[GM Team] Jebro   Once Unity always Unity :) we only leave chapters and not the Epic family we have. :) I understand the move and wish you guys the best of luck, dont forget we are always haere.
Micate   joined Unity
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Keldar   Welcome!
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